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Why hiring a small stationery studio for your wedding invitations is worth it

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These days, there are a million options for wedding stationery: style, budget, printing method... but you also have a lot of options for where to purchase your wedding stationery. Here are five reasons you should choose a small stationery studio for your wedding invitations.

1. You’ll be working directly with a professional.
Once you’ve chosen the right vendor (more on that later!) you’ll be able to ask your burning questions about etiquette, what information you need to include, and what works best with your budget. Instead of googling it and reading through a ton of contradictory articles and forums, you’ll just ask! You’ll rest easy knowing you have someone on your team with an eye for design, typography, and years of experience creating wedding invitations, specifically. Your wedding stationer can make suggestions like what fonts work best with the formality of your event, or what color scheme works best with the invitation you chose and the time of year you’re getting married.

2. You’ll have a second set of (real, not virtual!) eyes on your project.
A professional stationer can make suggestions for wording and etiquette, catch those spelling errors everyone else missed, and help prevent pitfalls like ordering one invitation per guest instead of per household. They can make suggestions for condensing a three page word document into something that is more manageable for a detail card, or help you weigh the pros and cons of different printing methods. Since they’ve worked on a ton of weddings, they know what’s standard, and how to gracefully handle any tricky situations.

3. Great customer service means less stress.
When you are planning a wedding, there are so many things to think about. I have heard many couples say, “it’s just a big party!” And then come all the logistics, the vendors, arguments over the guest list, and the million tiny details that only you (and, if you’re lucky, your wedding planner) will remember to think about. When you work with a small stationery company, you are likely working with someone one-on-one from the beginning. Customer service is a number one priority at Hello Tenfold — we’re going to respond to your emails/calls quickly, make edits quickly, and stay on top of your project like it’s the only one we’ve got. The feedback we get from clients that makes me proudest is, “you made it so easy!” (And, if there’s an issue with printing, paper, or anything else, your stationer will handle all of that behind the scenes before you lay eyes on your paper goods; a good stationer is like a wedding planner, but for paper!)

4. Your invitations will “look just like you.”
If you’re working with a small studio on custom invitations, your stationer will want all the wedding details, your story, your personalities, and more, to make sure that your invitations are a reflection of the wedding you’re planning, as well as you as a couple. Instead of being simply trendy, your invitations will be a timeless keepsake, reflective of you. The process can also be just like you; a small stationery studio can do a video call if you prefer that to email, or tailor a project’s schedule to something that is uniquely comfortable for you.

5. You’ll end up with invitations that accurately set the tone for your event.
A professional stationer can look at a pinterest board filled with dresses, flowers, and table settings and know how to translate that into invitations. You’ll have stationery that lets guests know what to expect, and hopefully gets them excited to attend, too! If you aren’t sure which design is best for your event, a stationer can help with that, too. It’s like hiring a personal shopper, for paper.

Bonus reason: You'll be supporting a small business. Here are a few reasons why that's important.

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