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The Hello Tenfold Invitation Process Explained

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One of the first things couples want to know is, "How does it work?" Today I'm going to walk you through a typical wedding invitation order from start to finish. This describes our Collection process, which means a couple chooses a design from our Collection to customize with their papers, fonts, colors, and printing methods. (A post on the Custom invitation process yet to come)!

Most couples begin by looking at our designs online. Though we have a small studio in downtown Durham, North Carolina (open by appointment), it's easiest to view design options directly online. You can see Collection designs, envelope liner options, font choices, ink choices, learn about printing methods, and see pricing directly on our website (just click on the design you like best!).

After shopping online a bit, couples usually reach out to us via our inquiry form. We respond within one business day to set up a quick phone call to find out more about you & your event. We'll answer any questions you may have, especially surrounding time frames and give you a rough idea of price range. Local couples may want to set up an appointment to see designs in person before placing an order. Most of our couples are not local, so you can order a sample pack online. We're proud of the quality of our printing and papers, and think it's important for you to see a thing before you purchase!

We'll follow up with a quote tailored to fit your needs, with your budget in mind.

Once a couple is ready to get started, we'll set up a contract to sign online. A 50% deposit holds your spot on our calendar. We'll send you a template to use for guest addresses, if you are ordering envelope printing.

When you're ready, you'll send your wording (and color and font choices, etc) via email. Some layout changes are available at no additional cost, and some layout changes may come with design fees.

The proofing begins! Within 1-3 business days of receiving your wording, we'll email a proof. You'll respond with questions and/or edits, and we'll follow up with 1-2 more proofs (2 more for printed items, 1 more for PDF items).

Once you're completely happy with your invitation proofs, we'll send you a form to sign online, approving your proofs for printing and choosing your shipping method. We'll send a final invoice. The countdown begins!

Your flat printed items will be shipped 2 weeks after we receive your sign-off form. Letterpress takes 3-4 weeks, and foil stamping takes 4-5 weeks. Occasionally, we'll need extra time if your order requires a lot of assembly after printing (but we'll let you know up front if that's the case!).

We receive your order in our studio, complete any assembly required, and box it for shipment. We'll be in touch with a tracking number as soon as it's available.

Your invitations arrive, and it starts to feel real! You'll stamp, seal, assemble your invitations, and take them to the post office before mailing.

Ready to get started? Take a look at the collection and drop us a note!