Hello Tenfold Wedding Invitations

New designs coming soon


Today, photographer Lissa Gotwals and I met in my studio to shoot our newest wedding invitation designs! Here are some iphone shapshots of what's to come.

The above photo is Lissa adjusting cards so that everything lines up... SO hard to get the angles right with a dozen cards on the table. The lens bends things, so we're also adjusting for some of that (and even more bendy adjustments get made to the photos during the editing process. "Bendy" — the official word for it, I'm sure). The orange silk scarf was dyed by my grandmother... a lot of the props I use in my photos came from my grandmothers! It's fitting as they're such a huge inspiration for my work.


This is Lissa during our first set-up of the day. The first suite always takes the longest to photograph, and this one especially, because we wanted to play with a more dramatic use of light than usual.

Our last set-up was for a vintage styled design. This one feels like I'm going back to my roots, because my very first invitations were all screen printed on hand-torn cotton paper. This one's a little bit artsy, with scientific-like illustrations and hand-torn paper. My original styling for this suite didn't turn out so we had to scrap it and start over. Things can look so different on camera from what you envision ahead of time. Since we didn't get it quite right, we'll try this one again this weekend.


Lastly, a photo of some of the new (old!) props I gathered for this shoot. I always over do the prop shopping, but I'll use these over and over for instagram shots and other in-house shoots throughout the year.

Now, patience, as the photo picking and editing process begins! We'll have full photos of the new suites in a month or so. Follow along on instagram for more images & behind the scenes videos!