Hello Tenfold Wedding Invitations

work in progress

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My favorite studio days are painting days! This week I'm focused on paintings and drawings for custom stationery. I usually don't have a plan in mind when I'm in the painting phase (unless of course I have some client input guiding me!). If I'm making new work for the shop or for a loosely guided commission, I'll pull out my reference books and paint whatever comes to mind. When I come up with something I like, I'll snap an iphone photo to bring the sketch into the computer. Some sketches get turned into black and white images so that they can be used for foil stamping or letterpress. If I want to retain the variations in tone to keep the painted look, I'll clean them up for flat printing. After the sketches are color edited I collage them together to create patterns, bouquets of florals, or interlocking borders, like the winter berry vine above.


You can see more work-in-progress shots on my instagram.