Hello Tenfold Wedding Invitations

the HT difference


Work one-on-one with an experienced designer

Whether you choose a design from the Collection or start from scratch with a Custom project, each couple works directly with designer and founder Ellie Snow. You'll have a second set of real (not virtual!) eyes on your project. We can make suggestions for condensing a three page word document into something that is more manageable for a detail card, or help you weigh the pros and cons of different printing methods. Since we’ve worked on a ton of weddings, we know what’s standard, and how to gracefully handle any tricky situations.

We make it easy

We know you don't have time to google every etiquette question, to research all the different kinds of cards there are to order, to become an expert in what is traditional and what is expected. That's our job. Customer service is a number one priority at Hello Tenfold — we’re going to respond to your emails/calls quickly, make edits quickly, and stay on top of your project like it’s the only one we’ve got. The feedback we get from clients that makes us proudest is, “you made it so easy!” (And, if there’s an issue with printing, paper, or anything else, we handle all of that behind the scenes before you lay eyes on your paper goods; we're like a wedding planner, but for paper!)

Customize to your heart's content

We love that no two invitation sets leaving our studio look alike. Each couple can customize for no additional fee the invitation fonts, colors, text, paper color, and envelope liner pattern. Other changes, like layout changes, paper weight, paper and envelope colors, and embellishments like hand deckling, can be added as an upgrade. The options are endless!

It's a collaborative effort (or not)

Some couples look forward to the creative process. Others want to rely on someone who knows what they're doing so they can focus on the honeymoon or the music or the dress. We get it! We are happy to make the design edits you have in mind, or take the reigns and make suggestions based on over a decade of expertise.

Track the progress of your order anytime

When you place an order with Hello Tenfold, you'll get a password-protected page where you can check the status of your order any time, day or night. We'll make prompt updates to your page so you're always "in the know."


It's hard to know exactly what cards you need, or how many you need, up front. We're happy to start on proofs before you have a final guest count. You can increase or decrease your order at any time, as long as it's before you approve your proofs for printing. There are no fees or penalties for making changes to your order before printing.

Send your guests a unique invitation

We want your guests to receive a work of art, an invitation reflects your personal style and is of the highest quality. We want your guests to know from the start that your wedding isn't something to miss. And we want it to be different from all the other invitations they've got piling on the fridge. Instead of being simply trendy, your invitations will be a timeless keepsake, reflective of you. The process can also be just like you; we can do a video call if you prefer that to email, or tailor a project’s schedule to something that is uniquely comfortable for you.

We stand behind our stationery

We want you to be proud of your invitations, for them to be frame-worthy, and to stand the test of time — both in quality and style.

know your invitations are making a minimal environmental impact

You can read more about our commitment to the environment right here.

Know you're supporting a small, woman owned business

Big online companies can be inexpensive and convenient, but we believe the way to keep the world a unique, vibrant place is to support small businesses and the creative folks who run them. We've got the passion, thoughtfulness, and work ethic to make your invitation experience a delight. And shouldn't everything about your wedding be delightful?!