Hello Tenfold Wedding Invitations

which paper goods do I need for my wedding?

Everyone needs:

Wedding Invitations & envelopes

Wedding invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks before the event (or 3 months prior, for destination weddings) and can be used to share details about the ceremony and reception.

Reply Cards & envelopes

Reply cards will help you know how many guests to expect. You can also ask guests to indicate what they'd like for dinner, what song they'd like to hear, where they'll be staying, and indicate dietary restrictions. This card can be mailed back to you in a self-addressed and stamped envelope, or sent to you as a postcard. If collecting replies online, you can use a "mini card" instead (see below).

Thank You Notes & envelopes

Order as many thank you notes as invitations, plus extras for mistakes and unexpected gifts. Shoot, order even more and use them well beyond your wedding day! Your thank you notes could coordinate with your wedding invitation design or not, and may include your names or monogram.

wedding Programs (probably)

Programs can include the names of your bridal party, ceremony details, readings, poems, a note to your guests, an "in memory of" section, and anything else you'd like to share while guests wait for your ceremony to begin. For outdoor summer weddings, they serve double duty as a fan. And, they keep guests occupied while they wait for the ceremony to begin. Some couples opt out of wedding programs, but we don't recommend it.

Some Couples Need:

Save the Dates & envelopes

Save the dates are typically mailed 6-12 months before the event and can be used to share details like a wedding website, date, and location. They are especially helpful for out-of-town guests and for destination weddings. Save the dates can match your invitations in design and formality, or not!

DetaiL Cards

Detail cards can include information like reception details, accommodations, maps, directions, and/or a wedding website URL (no, you shouldn't put your website on your invitation!). You may choose to let guests know about a welcome party, brunch, or other events on this card (or cards). These cards are optional, depending on how much information you need to provide for your guests up front.

Mini Cards

Mini cards are business card sized, just right for details like wedding websites. Traditionally, wedding URLs are not included on a wedding invitation (you don't want to look at that URL for 60 years, right?). If your website is the only detail you need to provide to guests, consider using a mini card instead of a detail card.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations / Event Invitations

Rehearsal dinner and event invitations can be included within the main invitation envelope of the invited guests, or mailed separately. Each family should decide if these invitations should be mailed, emailed, or word of mouth (we're obviously in favor of the paper version).

Welcome Notes & Booklets

Welcome notes may be left at hotels for out of town guests, welcoming them to your town and thanking them for making the trip. A booklet may include a map, a schedule of events, and your favorite spots to eat, shop, and visit. Each couple should decide if they want their guests to have a little extra info in their hotel rooms, or if you prefer to share this information via a wedding website.

wedding Menus

Menus can add to the look of the table and usually include the couple's names and wedding date in addition to menu details. A menu can be helpful for guests with allergies, or just as a courtesy, or a keepsake. Each couple should decide if menus are appropriate for their wedding. You may not need individual menus if you're having a buffet style meal, for example — in that case, consider place cards to describe each dish. Family style meals may just need one or two menus per table.

PLace Cards and/or Escort Cards

Place cards are set at a guest's specific seat, and can be flat to go in a stand, or tented to stand on their own. Escort cards indicate at which table a guest should sit, but do not specify a seat. Escort cards may be arranged on a table or pinned to a board — the options are endless! You need these if it matters to you where your guests will be seated. An alternative is a large sign with everyone's name printed on it, but consider how crowded your reception will be, and whether guests gathering around a sign or two will be efficient.

Table Numbers

Table numbers can be flat to go in a stand or frame, or tented to stand alone, and are a beautiful detail to add to your tables. They don't have to be numbers, either! Table cards can include tidbits about you and your sweetheart, or could be the names of meaningful locales. You need them if you're directing guests to sit at certain tables.

WEdding Signs

Signs may share information like featured cocktail ingredients or a wedding day hashtag, or invite guests to sign your guest book.

Favor Cards

Favor cards may be used to thank guests for attending, and share details about a charitable donation made in honor of guests in lieu of a wedding favor. Cards may come with the favors you're ordering. No favors? No need for favor cards, then!


In addition to the items above, Hello Tenfold can help with favor tags, bottle labels, stickers, coasters, match books, cocktail napkins, and more. Let us know what you have in mind, and we'll send over the options!